Labyrinth ~ Silver 3D Coin in Frame-Case

Price from:   9000 грн

Labyrinths have long been painted on the walls of caves, carved on stone layers of the Neolithic era. In ancient times, legends about labyrinths were composed both on the Greek islands and in the southwest of the American continent. The first myths about them are much older than those that have survived to this day. Labyrinths symbolized both the birth of a child and the annual rebirth of the season, or even the earth itself. At different times, the labyrinths personified the descent into the blazing dungeon of hell, the ascent into the heavenly City of God and the completely earthly road to Jerusalem. They made work easier for architects and may have been used as a mathematical trick to create a usable lunar calendar.
On the coin, symbolic images of two famous labyrinths are minted in high relief - the mythical dwelling of the Cretan centaur Minotaur and an intricate pattern lined with volcanic rock on the floor of Chartres Cathedral in France, the oldest (was created in 1202) and the largest Christian labyrinth in Europe. The diameter of the labyrinth of Chartres Cathedral is exactly one billionth of the diameter of the Earth, and its outline conceals the secret of the universe.
Overcoming this path even today brings a special spiritual experience that forever changes the life of a pilgrim.
Placed in a capsule with a coin, a ball allows you to overcome the labyrinth minted on it.

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