Magellan ~ Silver 3D Coin with Crystal and 3D copy of the Magellan's ship ~ in demonstration transparent Cube

Price from:   12000 грн

The coin commemorates the 500th anniversary of Ferdinand Magellan’s death. It was under the command of one of the greatest sailors that the first journey around the globe took place. The “Magellan” is a coin, which fittingly honors the degree of outstanding achievements and geographical discoveries of the explorer.
A unique concept of presenting history on eight planes and the combination of five decorative techniques makes the coin truly a masterpiece of minting art and perfectly complements any numismatic collection.
Explorer and sea traveler
  • A unique concept of presenting history
  • The coin minted using the latest technologically advanced techniques: laser frosting, microprinting, digital printing, 3D insert, crystal insert
  • Precise 3D insert in the shape of Magellan’s ship
  • Elegant display stand

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Metal, alloy

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