Angel ~ Silver Coin with High Relief in Wooden Case

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The coin depicts the Archangel Michael, who in Scripture is called the “prince,” “the leader of the army of the Lord.” He is the main fighter against the evil that exists in the world. Hence his church "name" - the archistratig, that is, the senior warrior, leader, military leader.
Michael is placed above all the angelic ranks, his name in Hebrew means "like God", or "equal to God." He and his army won the battle against Lucifer and his demons (fallen angels), who were "cast out into hell, into the depths of the underworld." This confrontation between good and evil now continues on earth, all people are its participants. Good has incredible power. And confirms this winged expression: "Good conquers evil."
Archangel Michael is a pronounced male energy. The color of Archangel Michael is bright red. This is a warrior, protector. Michael zealously protects the Divine order, infinitely fair, loving and kind. Michael is the patron saint of the military and the police.
In 2018, Mayer Mint (Germany) issued a coin of 999 silver with the image of the Archangel Michael, striking a dragon with a spear. The obverse of the coin is decorated with a traditional portrait of Elizabeth II. Coin made as proof.
For the new coin, one of the earliest images of the Angel, originally created by the British medalist Rafael Macluff, was used. It is minted with high relief thanks to smartminting technology (the advantage of smartminting, of course, is the unsurpassed height of the relief, combined with the detail of the image and the thin base of the coin).
On the reverse of the coin is the archangel Michael, defeating the dragon. The inscriptions “ANGEL” are minted at the bottom and the technical specifications of “Ag .999 2 OUNCES” are indicated. The whole plot is surrounded by a stylized pattern, in the form of a chain that is connected by a triskelion (triskel, triskel, triskele, from the Greek. Τρισκελης - three-legged) - an ancient symbolic sign, which consists of three running legs emerging from one point. This is the official heraldic symbol of the Isle of Man. He is also depicted on the coat of arms and flag of the island. It symbolizes stability, which is reflected in the motto of the Isle of Man: "no matter how you throw it, it will stand."
This is a 2-oz coin, while the standard diameter of the coin is 38.6 mm, but its thickness is twice as large as that of 1-oz coins of the same diameter. The coin circulation is only 999 for the whole world. The triskelion is depicted on the coin case.
The coin weighs a little more than 62 grams, but it is compact, it can be stored at home or carried with you for important negotiations, meetings - where you need help and luck, support and protection. This gift can be a talisman, a talisman that will help the holder of the coin to cope with difficulties. You can give it to a man or boy named Mikhail. Also, a pure silver coin with the image of the Archangel Michael will protect and protect from the negativity of the world around you, a person close to your heart, the protection and support of which you worry and always think.

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