Fortune ~ Gilded Silver 3D Coin Four-Leaf Shaped in Wooden Case

Price from:   6900 грн

What is a better symbol for luck than a four leaf clover? A golden four leaf clover of course!  Four leaf clovers were first mentioned as good luck charms 400 years ago in 1620 by Sir John Melton. Due to popular demand, CIT is taking its immensely popular four leaf clover shaped coin and gilding it in rich gold.

Struck from 1 oz of silver featuring a silk finish of gold, it will be sure to be one of the most eye catching pieces of your collection.

CIT is the market leader in creating uniquely shaped STRUCK coins, and this one is a wonderful statement of that fact! Notice something else that represents luck? Look at the mintage of only 777. You may want to bring this piece with you to your favorite casino.

Don’t be unlucky and miss out!

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Metal, alloy

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