Majestic Eagle ~ 3oz Silver Coin in Case

Price from:   14000 грн

The cornerstone of CIT’s philosophy is to always be the industry leader in innovative products. We have been recognized for that with international coin awards for decades now. For this reason, we are incredibly proud to release a stunning piece that breaks many barriers on what was previously considered impossible.

Introducing the Majestic Eagle, featuring brand new, never before seen enhanced smartminting© technology! This piece pushes the boundaries of what is possible as now BOTH sides feature incredibly high relief in PROOF finish! High relief that has been pushed to levels 100% higher than what was previously possible!

Check out the contrast between the relief of the Eagle’s claws and the incuse depths its marks leave in the surface of the fields! The claw literally looks like it is ripping through the metal and coming right out at you! Also notice how the high relief of the Eagle’s head extends to the edges of the coin instead of just the center. CIT is also proud to announce that this new technology will be deployed on not only silver coins, but gold and copper as well!

The Eagle has always symbolized strength, leadership, and vision. We believe that it is the perfect symbol to be used on this release that sets the bar for everyone else to chase!

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Metal, alloy

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