Ounce of Luck ~ Four-Leaf Clover Silver Coin 2022 in Window Box

Price from:   4000 грн

Clover belong to the plant family legumes (Fabaceae). Its botanical generic name Trifolium is derived from the three leaves, which clover normally has.

As a freak of nature, the number of its leaves can vary in rare cases. Clovers with up to seven leaves have already been found. The most well known is definitely the four leaf clover.

It is released on a yearly basis so it is noteworthy that the 2022 rose gilded edition features a slightly reworked design that stays true to the series’ history while offering a delicate and modern new look.

Silver or gold, as a collector coin, an investment, a lucky charm or a gift – the clover leaf coin is always a particularly charming eye-catcher!


And do not forget: Since its start every single coin in this series has been fitted with a REAL four-leaf clover.

Is there a more beautiful gift than luck?

Featuring a real four-leaf clover

Each coin is a unique piece

Charming gift

Gift for...
Metal, alloy

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