Jolly Silver Pig ~ Silver 3D Pig Shaped Coin 2019

Price from:   5000 грн

Mongolian lunar year issues are still rare and sought after. Beginning in 2016 with the Year of the Monkey, CIT has issued lunar coins for Mongolia every year in various specification ranging from minute 11mm gold coins to the large silver note canvas in the Year of the Dog.

For 2019 Mongolian lunar coins for the first time receive a smartminting treatment resulting in the charming and truly unique Jolly Silver Pig. Minted from one ounce of fine silver, the Jolly Silver Pig is a three-dimensional numismatic sculpture with beautiful floral ornaments. The pig is minted in a way that allows it stand freely on its own to make an ideal display and conversation piece. It is undoubtedly one of the most unique lunar coins ever minted and ships in an elegant collector’s box.

The Jolly Silver Pig is flanked by two additional lunar coins – a traditional gold version and once again a five-gram silver note with brilliant sur face f inishing.

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