Agate Scarab Silver Coin partly gilded with Agate insert

Price from:   2800 грн

The greatest archaeological discovery of recent years! In the area of the ancient city of Vulci, north of Rome, precious golden scarabeus and Egyptian jewellery exquisitely crafted in turquoise were found. This amazing treasure was discovered in the spring of 2016, after the priceless treasures of the Etruscan princess had lain buried for more than 2800 years! 

The “Agate Scarabeus” is a metaphorical joining of Sun and Fire. The coin radiates positive energy, charmed in agate millions of years ago. This exceptional keepsake decorated with selective gilding and a delightful precious stone can be yours today! When you purchase this one-of-a-kind coin, you’ll feel like the owner of a priceless treasure!

In ancient Egypt, scarabeus were thought to be the personification of divinity, as well as a symbol of rebirth and the journey of the sun disk across the heavens. Images of scarabeus, forged from precious metals and costly stones, served as amulets and even as currency. Today, the scarab-shaped amulets are excavated in the countries that once had close commercial relations with Ancient Egypt.


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