Faberge ~ Pansy Egg Silver Coin in Frame-Case

Price from:   2055 грн

The "Pansy Egg" is also known as the "Jade Egg". This name originates from the precious stone from which it has been made. In addition to jade, the egg used to be decorated with diamonds. It stands on a bunch of carved leaves, made of gold, from which stem five buds of pansies, enameled with various shades of purple. After opening the top part of the egg one can see a decorated with pearls gold heart, on which there are eleven tiny medallions in the shape of strawberries. All of them are connected by a monogram in the shape of the letter M. When opened, the medallions uncover the portraits of all members of the imperial family. At the top of the heart there is a floral wreath surrounding the star of Bethlehem. Below it there appears the year 1899 of completion of the work. 

The “Pansy Egg” was an Easter gift from the Tsar Nicholas II of Russia to his mother Maria Feodorovna. This priceless masterpiece revealed a surprise – a medallion with miniature portraits of the members of the Russian Imperial Family. Created in Art Nouveau style, its outer part is covered with emerald-green enamel, gold, precious stones and diamonds.

The "Pansy Egg" is a perfect jewellery masterpiece. Continually it fascinates collectors from every corner of the world. Currently, being one of the few representatives of the Faberge Eggs, it is housed in a private collection.

Series "Imperial Faberge Eggs" in 2020 includes the silver coins:

  • Imperial Red Cross Easter Egg
  • Colonnade Egg
  • Rose Trellis Egg
  • Steel Military Egg
  • Blue Tsarevich Constellation Egg  
  • Pansy Egg
  • Duchess of Marlborough Egg
  • Lilly of Valley Egg
  • Empire Nephrite Egg

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Metal, alloy

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