Gustav Klimt Portrait of Mada Primavesi Silver Coin with Amber

Price from:   3100 грн

The artwork of Gustav Klimt was created as a tribute to the world of women and reflected the artistic spirit of the era. Youth, innocence, strength, and subtle girlish beauty all married in a portrait that immediately became the icon of carefree youth. This silver coin with a miniature reproduction of the painting makes a perfect expression of the artist’s extraordinary talent, who could capture the most distinctive features of each model.
Gustav Klimt – The artist who changed 20th-century art
  • A perfect gift for the art connoisseurs
  • Decorated with the gold of the Baltic Sea – Polish amber
  • Amalgamation of the arts grasped in a silver coin
  • A continuation of Gustav Klimt’s numismatic series

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Metal, alloy

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