Husky Silver Coin in Case

Price from:   3000 грн

As its name implies, the Siberian Husky comes from the extreme Northeast of Asia. The breed was originally developed by the indigenous people of Siberia to pull heavy loads in harsh arctic conditions. Today, the Siberian Husky is a faithful family companion.

Silver commemorative coin featuring a cute man’s best friend will for sure attract all owners of pooches! Thanks to the use of high-end digital printing, the image of the Siberian Husky depicted on the coin looks extremely lifelike. What is more, the souvenir is accompanied by a specially designed presentation case decorated with an image of a well-groomed representative of the breed.

In 1925, a killer diphtheria outbreak hit the town of Nome. At that time, Alaska was crippled by adverse weather conditions. The sled dogs were the only hope for delivering a life-saving serum to the patients. A Siberian Husky named Balto succeeded in this exceedingly dangerous mission and became a world-famous canine celebrity. His enormous effort was honored with a statue in New York’s Central Park.

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