Jasper Scarab Silver Coin covered with Ruthenium with Green Jasper insert

Price from:   2700 грн

ln Ancient Egypt, the scarab  beetle was seen as the epitome of divinity.
As а symbol of rebirth, it was believed to illustrate the Sun's heavenly path across the sky.
The coin  embellished  with  golden  and  emerald  digital printing is full of positive energy trapped  in elegant green  jasper millions ofyears ago. This mineral is not only beautiful  it protects against energy vampires, calms down  and unlocks personal  potential.
    a strictly limited edition - only 999 pieces
    a great gift idea!
    a happy talisman
    silver of the highest purity  Ag 999
    a specially designed packaging in the form of a frame

Gift for...
Metal, alloy

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