Lucky Coins ~ Horseshoe Silver Coin with Gilded insert ~ in case 2020

Price from:   1900 грн

Horseshoe is one of the oldest symbols of grace and good fortune. This symbol is well known all around the world. Especially Horseshoe is respected in the Slav culture.
It was born by a human’s skill and fire from  a shapeless piece of metal. Anciently horseshoe hasn’t been used as everyday thing, protecting the hoof of the horse, but also served as amulets that protected the house from evil spirits, bringing good luck and keep in the house of prosperity and family happiness.
Find your own or accept as a gift horseshoe has always been considered a good sign, counting inevitably follow series of successes.
In the Ukrainian tradition a horseshoe was beating over an entrance door of dwelling with external or the inside. The ends of the horseshoe were upside down to protect homes  from the adverse influence of the forces of evil, all the ends down to gain wealth.
Today to find a Horseshoe it would be a miracle, but lover of amulets would be nice to get a gift for a family celebration. For example to buy a coin with the image of a horseshoe. for  such  occasions as  housewarming, birth baby, wedding anniversary or buying a car.

Horseshoe is one of four silver coins minted by the Mint of Poland in the series Coins for good luck with gilded symbol of luck. Four Leaf Clover, Elephant, Ladybird have minted in the same series of coins.

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