HMS Bounty Silver Coin 2019 in wooden case

Price from:   8000 грн

  • The most  famous munity in  the  history of  sailing
  • An outstanding coin made with aHention to the smallest detail High  relief and resin decorations  
  • emphasize all details of the design
  • А wonderful gift  for all sailing  lovers
  • Two ounces of the finest silver
HMS  Bounty went down  in history because of а rebellion that broke оп board. ln 1789, near the Топgа archipelago, Captain William Bligh's was forced to leave the deck with few members of the crew. Sailors equipped onlywith  а sextant, after covering 6701 kilometers iп the lifeboat, maпaged to reach Timor. The journey of HMS Bounty ended on the uninhaЬited islaпd of Pitcairn, where the rebels, along with the kidпapped Tahitians, estabiished а settlement.

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Metal, alloy

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