Zodiac ~ Aquarius ~ Silver Coin with Wooden Insert and Cuprum plated ~ in Frame-Case

Price from:   3800 грн

What to gift for a birthday on January 24 - February 24?
Aquarius can do a lot of what they choose because they have a powerful intellect and an iron will. He has the kind of self-confidence that many would envy. No one can break him, he is not a helpless victim or a miserable loner in a cold bed. He almost never gets lost, passion rarely pushes him to do stupid things. It seems that he begins to understand what he wants and why earlier than many others. He has a keen instinct for making deals with himself and with those whose approval he needs. Those agreements that he makes with himself are often reduced to work in the name of advancing the cause of the improvement of the human race and in exchange allow himself to acquire the necessary self-respect. Your gift of this beautiful copper-plated silver coin with an engraved wooden insert is sure to be appreciated by an Aquarius!
Aquarius is often gifted with such talents as foresight, organizational skills, and humanism. Often he does not sleep well at night, because he has an exceptionally fine nervous system and is very good at picking up vibrations. He has his own yardstick by which he measures life. Controlled intuitive, individualistic observation of projects and phenomena is another of his talents, and he is constantly improving it. He is also often gifted with scientific talents. A little withdrawn, observant, hides his inner world from outsiders, he thinks hard and works and... collects!
The "Signs of the Zodiac. Aquarius" coin continues the series of luxurious silver talisman coins with the symbols of all 12 signs of the Zodiac from the gift coin master of the Mint of Poland.
This innovative silver coin "Aquarius" will be the beginning of the most beautiful collection - hurry to wish your Aquarius a happy birthday!

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