Easter Coins

Golden Hen Faberge Egg ~ Золотая курочка Яйцо Фаберже Серебряная монета

The First Hen Egg is made of gold, opaque white enamel, rubies and varicolored gold. The now missing surprises were a crown and a pendant, made of diamonds and ruby. The first Easter Egg of 1885 marks the twentieth anniversary of Tsar Alexander III and Tsarina Maria Feodorovna. The Tsar needed a special gift for his young bride, the Danish Princess Dagmar, and he ordered a special Egg with the young jeweler Peter Karl Fabergé, whose beautiful creations recently caught Maria's eye.

The gold shell of this simple but historic Egg is enameled opaque white and polished to resemble a hen's egg.

Silver coin "Lucky Golden Hen" with two gilded eggs in the inner capsule was created:

♦ by motiff of Jevel Egg "Hen" by Carl Faberge for Imperial Gift;

♦ to mark 2017 year, Year of the Rooster by Chinese Calendar;

as gift for important events in religious life of each of us...

Gift for...
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