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Which coin should be chosen for the gift?

Where to purchase the lovely coin?

To find the ansvers you spent a lot of time, sometimes not successful. To choose the coin as a gift and to find where it could be purchased now you can just in few minutes! New web service is developed for you – just choose the event to comemorate with the coin gift or characteristic of the gift receiver from the list "Gift for..."

Perhaps, you are preparing a corporate gift and the budget for a gift is defined? Just choose in addition the Price range. Or you are sure with a topic of the gift? At your service the filters "Topic" and "Series". For those who prefers products of some particular Mint or currency of some perticular country there are filters "Mint" and "Issuer".

The main feature of is service "Where to purchase?" for every coin - press mall round button with "?" inside or large silver button "Where to purchase?" on the coin's page.  

The information about coins availability and prices, addresses and operation hours, contact phone numbers etc. is provided by banks on regular base, it is authomatical exstract of their accounting systems.

For those coins which are expected for sales in the future or for the coins available for delivery to the customer address, you can find on the coin's page large orange button "Order". The orders are delivered to the Agency "Coins of the Planet" who will select and offer to you the variants of your order implementation and 'll inform you. It is important to enter to the Order Form your correct e-mail and phone number for further contacts.

The information on the website is from the first hands only – the world Mints and banks who sell the coins joined here in favour:

  • to each coin as soon as possible found its kind owner
  • to look for coins as gifts (and found!) was easier and more comfortable
  • to make more admirers of the generous investment 

The Contact details to communicate with the Agency "Coins of the Planet":
Mobile Phone Number +380631394491
Skype: s-gold27

Viber, WhatsApp +380505165202

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