Winged Victory 2021 Silver Proof High Relief Coin 1oz in Presentation Case

Price from:   2750 грн

The name of this Greek goddess is Nike, which means "victory." The unusual origin of a representative of a superior race has endowed her with the ability to bring victory to the side on which she stands.
Alexander the Great became the first military leader who worshiped Nike unquestioningly. In honor of her, the emperor erected temples and made generous donations. Perhaps this ensured his military glory and numerous victories in battles. Alexander the Great had the idea to decorate the head of the triumphant with a laurel wreath, which was an attribute accompanying Nike.
The image of the goddess symbolized the successful completion of the war, victory in any competition and the triumphant finale of any activity. Nika has patronized military, sports, music events and even religious events organized in the name of the success of the business.
Nika was portrayed with wings that allowed her to move quickly. A headband and a wreath accompanied her in any event. Later, a palm tree and weapons were added to the arsenal. The harbinger of victory, on statues and artistic images, the heroine hovers over the triumphant or tenderly nods her head to him. She is sometimes described as a woman driving a chariot or a priestess making a sacrifice.
The coin’s outstanding high relief reverse depicts Nike in Art Deco style. Honouring an unseen hero with a victory laurel in the palm of her right hand, Nike’s muscular figure is enveloped in a beautifully symmetrical representation of feathered wings. Also included on the reverse is the inscription WINGED VICTORY and The Perth Mint’s ‘P’ mintmark.

Accompanied by a numbered Certificate of Authenticity, this limited collectable is housed in a classic display case and illustrated shipper.

This Victory must be yours!

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