Gecko ~ Silver Shaped Coin in Case

Price from:   6000 грн

Extraordinarily shaped coins have a long tradition at CIT. Aside from the conventional rectangular, square and polygonal shapes, CIT started producing heart shaped coins in 2004 soon followed by clovers and stars. Over the years CIT has produced coins in several dozen unique shapes, the most complex ones represented in the popular half-gram «Special Shapes Gold» collection.

With the debut of smartminting high relief technology in late 2015, merging the two became a challenge that resulted in outstanding coins like the shaped skulls, Silver Lucky Panda, Sea Turtle and Emperor Penguin.

The latter’s top-down view provided the blueprint for the latest special shape addition – Gecko. One year in the making, the gecko’s delicate legs and toes take minted special shapes to an extreme. Fine scales cover the body struck in one ounce of fine silver. The Gecko coin is the most complex silver shape ever minted.

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Metal, alloy

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