Golden Horseshoe ~ Gold Coin 0.5 g in Window Box

Price from:   3800 грн

The use of a horseshoe as a symbol of good luck dates back to early times when horses played an integral part in the life of many people. This importance is demonstrated by an ancient Turkish proverb: “A nail can save a horseshoe, a horseshoe a horse, a horse can save a horse rider, and a horse rider can save a country.”

New Year is regarded as the best time to put up a horseshoe (for example above the front door). It is also believed that in order for a horseshoe to collect and store good luck, it needs to be positioned with the ends pointing upwards. If the ends point downwards however, luck will simply leak out!

Golden Horseshoe 0.5 g gold coin is Perfect Gift!

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Metal, alloy

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