Madonna of Bruges ~ Silver Gilded Coin ~ in Wooden Case

Price from:   13200 грн

Coins are often referred to as miniature pieces of art in metal. This release called Madonna of Bruges certainly lives up to that description!  Struck in 3 ounces of silver and then covered with gold, this piece of art pays tribute to Michelangelo’s sculpture  of Mary and Jesus. Unlike many other sculptures  and paintings that show her looking down upon an infant, this sculpture  is unique as it shows Mary showing sorrow for the future that Jesus must bear.
This moving sculpture is Michelangelo’s only work that was removed outside of Italy during his life. In fact, it has been moved multiple times and the recovery efforts after WWII were a subject  in a big budget Hollywood  film called «The Monuments  Men». Whereas the original was sculpted out of one solid piece of marble, this piece of art has been minted out of three solid ounces of precious metal! Limited to only of marble, this piece of a 501 pieces for the world!

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Metal, alloy

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