Two Swans ~ Silver Coin with heart-shaped crystal Swarovski Element

Price from:   1800 грн

TWO SWANS – a coin of love
  • A gift that will become a souvenir for many years
  • Stylish decorations and an original design with Svarovski Elements Insert
  • A unique gift that will express romantic feelings
  • An elegant packaging, perfect for a gift
Here is a unique coin dedicated to all infatuated ones!
Its reverse shows two swans. They are one of the most faithful and loyal animals in the world - they bond in pairs for life. These birds are a symbol of pure love and fidelity, so the coin with their image is the perfect gift for a beloved one, on the occasion of a wedding, anniversary or Valentine’s Day.
Get yours Love Amulet now!

Gift for...
Metal, alloy

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