Lucky Eight ~ Silver Coin in Eight Figure Shape with Swarovski Crystal in Frame Case

Price from:   2500 грн

Discover the coin that will become your luckiest charm!  This stylish souvenir of unique shape and modern design has been struck in the finest silver.
In Chinese, the words “eight” and “wealth” sound almost the same, which is why this figure is considered exceptionally lucky. Also in European culture, number eight is associated with infinity, abundance, and fullness. This one-of- a-kind coin will bring you prosperity and surely will become the highlight of your collection!
A  symbol  of  per fect ion  in  your  hands! 
  • A coin is a shape of both number eight and infinity
  • A lucky charm and a symbol of abundance
  • The finest silver
  • An idea for a gift for your nearest and dearest

Gift for...
Metal, alloy

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