Lucky Coins - Ladybird Silver Coin with Gilded Insert in Frame

Price from:   2250 грн

Nobody knows that place where it came from, but in our childhood, when we caught sight on a little ladybird, we were  saying joyfully: "Ladybird, fly to the sky..." And when we  grew up, we learned that just happily refer to this bug smart kids in different parts of the planet in different languages. For some reason we knew that if the ladybird  sat on you, make sure you're lucky. And we asked her about the weather, about life, about the harvest or about marriage...
When we became a grown man, we learned that ladybirds are the ancient symbol of happiness and luck. Our ancestors believed that the beetle with a strong solar symbolism playd a role of mediator between the alive world and the world of the dead. When it returnes "on the sky," we should give our requests and questions to the forces of heaven. It was believed that living in heaven ladybird only occasionally descends to earth to give a man the will of God, that’s why meeting a ladybird was a good omen.
Mint of Poland coined the ladybird image on the silver coins issued in "LUCKY COINS"series. In the same series of coins were issued ‘Four Leaf Clover’, ‘Horseshoe’ and ‘Elephant’ silver coins in versions: with silver insert in the inner capsule and with the gilded element.

The coin with the image of the ladybird would be a good gift for the birth of a baby and families with children, because this insect has traditionally been associated with Divine mother, which protects and covers from all evil. It would be lucky talisman for beginning a business, protecting you from burglars and would help in your travels. Ladybird will bring its owner good luck and happiness in all cases.

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