Nefertiti Queen of Egypt ~ Two Silver Coins Earrings with Digital Prints in Case

Price from:   4300 грн

Coins  do  not have to remain hidden  in drawers! Worn  as а piece  of jew­elry, they will  Ье а crowning touch of your stylish look.
There was  only one queen in ancient  Egypt. Until now, Nefertiti, the wife of Amenhotep IV, is considered  the most beautiful woman  of antiquity. These lovely silver earrings featuring her image will attract admiring glances  of all your friends!
Pamper yourself with а  touch  of  luxury!
  • Timeless magic  of  jewelry comblned  with minting art
  • Earrings will enchant everyone  treasuring out-of-the-ordinary bljou
  • Earwires made of hypoallergenic silver
  • Perfect gift idea for an extraordinary woman

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Metal, alloy

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