Agency "Coins of the Planet" in 2014 got high results in the Ukrainan National Business Raiting

Награды Национального бизнес-рейтинга 2014 Украина

My Dear Friends, 

I am pleased to advise that in accordance to the Official Note of National Business Raiting the Agency "Coins of the Planet" was ranked by results of economical results 2012-2013 among of Ukrainian companies in NACE: 

4-th place in TOP-10 (gold) among of Vinnitsa Region's companies by summary of 4 nominations of financial&economical activity   and 

82-th place in TOP-100 (bronze) among of Ukrainian companies in the nomination "Investment appeal" .

So, the Agency "Coins of the Planet" confirmed the right to be named "Leader of industry 2014". 

The Motto of the National Business Raiting is "IN FACTUM VERITAS" (lat."In facts — truth"). Because of this, the Leaders of Economy in the country are defined only by analyze of fact parameters of the confirmed annual reports to Statistic and Economy Authorities.

With the warmest Wishes of Peace and Prosperity,

Directof of the Agency "Coins of the Planet"
Official Representative and Agent of foreign Mints in Ukraine                    Alla Ishchenko

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