Winter Wonder ~ Silver Coin in Globe with Snowfall

Price from:   2500 грн

The cheery snow globe coin series continues to enchant young and old in its third year with the most traditional globe in the series.
«Winter Wonderland» portrays the young family that collectors will instantly recognize from the first two issues, frolicking in a snow-covered landscape.
The serene moment immortalized on the coin conveys a balmy feeling to anyone that spies through the original Vienna-made orb to watch the snow slowly swirling around the coin.
Handcrafted, the globe is filled with Austrian alpine water and includes the fine silver coin in unchanged specifications.
The universally loved winter season might just become the most popular globe of the trilogy. It surely presents one of the most unique coin concepts that makes numismatics appealing and fascinating to the general public and to an entirely new group of collectors.

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Metal, alloy

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