Poseidon 4 Silver Coin Set

Price from:   10800 грн

Poseidon is the power-hungry god of the sea and rivers, the creator of storms, floods and earthquakes.
Poseidon's parents were Kronos and Rhea, brothers - Zeus and Hades. Poseidon was a key figure in the battles for control of the universe between the Titans, giants and Olympians. After the victory, the brothers decided who would lead them in one area or another: Zeus got heaven at his disposal, Hades - the underworld, and Poseidon - the elements of the sea.
Myths say that Poseidon lived in a palace of pure gold at the very bottom of the sea, the walls of his abode were decorated with corals and sea flowers of all colors of the rainbow.
The set of silver coins "Poseidon" includes coins of a single design and different manufacturing techniques:
- reverse proof
- coin with selective gilding;
- coin with surface treatment "antique".

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