7 New Wonders ~ Silver 3D Coin in Frame-Case

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THE QUEEN OF COINS – the spherical coin “Seven New Wonders of the World”

The Mint of Poland presented its innovative product during the „World Money Fair 2015”, one of the most prestigious events in global numismatics. Intricately decorated spherical coin “Seven New Wonders of the World” unsurprisingly caught a lot of interest during the event.

“Seven New Wonders of the World”, being the first spherical coin minted with unprecedented attention to detail, deservedly attracted a lot of interest among fair participants.

This $7-face-value commemorative coin  issued by Niue was struck in pure silver. The coin has a diameter of 34.00 mm. Based on the beautiful hand-drawn XVII-century map created by the eminent Dutch cartographer Willem Janszoon Blaeu, this ravishing masterpiece of monetary art combines past and present in its extraordinary design and shape – the Seven New Wonders of the World are marked on the historical map with elegant crystals.

– „The Mint of Poland continues its nearly 250-year-old tradition. Yet, our brand is considered a token of innovation. Thanks to ambitious projects and unclichéd approach towards their realization, high-end technologies and highest craftsmanship, our products are pioneers in the field of numismatics.” – said Grzegorz Zambrzycki, the President and CEO of the Mint of Poland. 

In order to create a spherical coin, the Mint of Poland has implemented the most innovative technologies. The first stage was to prepare and evaluate a 3D-model of the coin. To assure its ideally spherical shape and map the images on it, engineers created a special 6-element die.

“Seven New Wonders of the World” is not the first product of innovation struck at the Mint of Poland. During last years’ „World Money Fair”, the company presented a 3D-coin in the form of a pyramid, and one – issued on the occasion of the canonization of John Paul II – in the form of a cube.

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