Clover 3D Silver Coin 2018

Price from:   11500 грн

    world’s first 3D coin with such a unique shape
    elegant presentation case for eye-catching exposition
    highlight of your collection
    lucky coin
    minted in .999 sterling silver
    pinnacle of contemporary minting art
The leaves of a lucky clover stand for luck, faith, hope and love. Being a natural talisman, a clover symbolizes four corners of the globe, four elements and four seasons. On the other hand, a ladybug is a sign of upcoming spring and longer solar days. The appearance of this colorful beetle suggests that you will not only have a stroke of luck, but also – the opportunity to solve your problems with ease.
Thanks to its sophisticated design and precise finishing, the 3D coin in the shape of a four-leaf clover will be an outstanding gift for a person close to your heart. Also, this exclusive silver coin will be the right choice when deciding on a luxurious business gift.
The Mint of Poland has taken the next step to go beyond the boundaries of the contemporary minting art. In order to create a coin in the shape of a clover, our minters, well-known for their exquisite craftsmanship, implemented the most innovative technological solutions. Having a unique shape and intricately decorated obverse and reverse, this unique coin sets the direction of development in contemporary minting.

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Metal, alloy

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