Eclectic Nature ~ Fighting Fish ~ Silver Coin Smartminting and Ultra High Relief partly Colored ~ in Window Box 2021

Price from:   6900 грн

Eclecticism is about combining or mixing different styles, theories or ideas to gain complementary insights into a subject or topic. We transferred this approach onto a coin which depicts a vibrant fighting fish (also known as Betta fish). This species is known for its bright, beautiful coloration and elaborate fin displays. Fun facts: Fighting fishes are known to recognize their human companions. They will follow your finger around the aquarium and can even be trained to perform tricks!

What makes this piece eclectic? Well, on one hand we have split it into two halves with a mirrored proof finish on one side and silk black finish on the other, giving this coin a stunning contrast. Thanks to the enhanced smartminting® technology the fighting fish itself is set on top of this contrast in ultra-high relief and colorized with an incredibly high level of sophistication which perfectly matches the different backgrounds. Hold this coin into your hand and you want to move it around again and again to discover this amazing animal and how it is depicted on this extraordinary piece. 1 oz proof silver and limited to only 1500.

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Metal, alloy

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